Instructor: Tracey Hill

My discovery of pilates began over 13 years ago when looking for a rehabilitative type of exercise after several back surgeries. The instructor pathway provided me with the opportunity to continue learning about pilates and sharing what I have learned with others. I enjoy getting to know the participants in the class and seeing improvements in strength and mobility as the session progresses. When I am not teaching, I am spending time with my two grandchildren or travelling the world! 


2015 – Pilates Process™ Levels 1 and 2 Mat

2015 – Pilates Process™ Levels 1 and 2 Reformer

2016 – Pilates Process™ Levels 1 and 2 Cadillac

2016 – Pilates Process™ Therapeutic Pilates

2016 – Pilates Process™ Level 3 Reformer

2017 – Pilates Process™ Lower Body Workshop 

2017 – Movement Unlimited Inc. – Pelvic Floor Pilates (pfilAtes)

2018 – Pilates Process™ Foot Workshop

2018 – Pilates Process™ & Franklin Method – Springy Spine