Lu Jong recognizes that we have an unassailable connection with the natural environment. Being in tune with natural rhythms has a profoundly positive effect upon our well being.

The elemental building blocks of Space, Earth, Wind, Fire & Water comprise all natural phenomena including our bodies, minds and energies in addition to the earth, oceans and outer space.

When the Five Elements within are in disharmony, the outward manifestation is discomfort, negative emotions and disease.

The Five Elements Movements balance emotional energies, activate the flow of internal vitality, and harmonize bio-energetic substances (hormones). We will explore each of the Five Elements as relates to Inner, Outer, and Secret levels and learn a specific movement to recalibrate its energy and effects upon the body and mind.

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Lu Jong is an ancient movement practice developed for the purpose of self-healing. LU means ‘body’ and JONG means ‘training’. Many are unaware of this Tibetan yoga tradition.

Buddhist practices are often erroneously visualized as static and on a cushion, a stereotype that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In actuality, monks meditating far from society in the mountains of Tibet realized the necessity of developing methods to keep their bodies in top condition, their immune systems strong, and their healing abilities well-tuned.

Created to be appropriate for people of all ages and abilities, Lu Jong’s movements are combined with rhythmic breathing, much like a gentle Vinyasa, to apply pressure to specific spots within the body. These simple yet powerful movements are accessible to all levels of experience including newcomers.

Physically, the practice works the spine to build strength. Energetically, the movements open blocked channels and chakras to encourage the proper flow of energy in our bodies.

What does this mean for you? In addition to fostering physical healing by increasing fitness, energy and balance, Lu Jong is a spiritual practice that opens the heart, cultivates inner calm, and hones mental focus.

It is a form of Meditation in Motion.

There exist many styles of Lu Jong. My practice is in the lineage of the venerable Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. Born in Amdo, Tibet, he is a high Buddhist master as well as a doctor of Tibetan medicine. Tulku Lobsang consolidated and modified these specific movements to be easy to learn yet very efficient at strengthening the critical connection between Body and Mind.

Lu Jong is deeply rooted in Tibetan Buddhism (Tantrayana), shamanic Bon practices, and Tibetan Medicine – an entirely unique combination of incredibly powerful healing techniques.



Tog Chod is a powerful, compelling practice to access and harness inner wisdom and power. This choreographed dance with a sword is rooted in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.

Deriving from the principles of Buddhism and Tibetan Medicine, Tog Chod is much more than a physical training. The discipline taps into mental training with the avoidance of distractions by focusing oneself in the present moment.

Tog Chod is not only a practical method for developing mindfulness, self-confidence and clarity, but physical prowess as well. Experience an empowering moving meditation that is also fun and dynamic.

Tog Chod was developed by Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. Based on the famous Tibetan monk dances and Kalachakra movements, with Tog Chod we use our body to take us fully into present moment awareness. Here we become aware of our negative emotions. This is the first step to no longer being ruled by them.

TOG means ‘thought’ and CHOD means ‘cut’. Our deep concentration enables us to cut through the clutter of our thoughts.

Our mind becomes clear and calm. This is where we access our deep knowing.

The Wisdom Sword practice is an active form of moving meditation and helps us to feel alive, aware and courageous!

How do we do this? With the sword as our fulcrum and using three simple tools: Breath, Focus and Choreographed Movement.



Tog Chod Sword Dance is a practical method for developing mindfulness, self-confidence and clarity.

Students experience an empowering “moving meditation” which transforms habitual thought patterns, opens energetic pathways and instills the mind with a sense of calm, clear focus.

Described as being energizing and fun, at its core, Tog Chod is about discipline as well as physical and mental training.

Executing the decisive movements of the sword, we become fully present, cultivating mindfulness

Thoughts — and our identification with them — are reduced. We begin to experience spaciousness and calm.

The forms themselves, rooted in the Kalachakra Tsa Lung exercises and Yama Monk Dances, cultivate a particular energetic quality in the body enabling us to be alert and grounded even amid chaos.

Students will learn a new and healthy method to manage stress and anger whilst cultivating self-confidence, courage and the ability to make quick, clear decisions.

You will also have fun and have something really cool to share at the next family gathering!



When we release the energetic blocks in our channels and chakras our energy, or LUNG as is called in Tibetan, is better able to circulate and operate at optimum levels.

The beauty of Lu Jong Tibetan yoga is its accessibility and effectiveness for bringing all levels of students into balance and ultimately empowering them to achieve greater health and happiness with sequences they can continue to do on their own.

We open the class with the Five Elements Movements to restore the balance of elemental energies in our bodies and then delve into a series of movements developed specifically to address the musculoskeletal system and to support and purify our vital organs.

Gentle movements first address different parts of our body and spine, working from the head down through the lower extremities, and then we work on Kidneys, Heart, Lungs, Spleen and Liver.