Each month the Bodymind Centre is proud to offer a Gentle Yoga & Meditation retreat. These retreats consist of gentle stretching, meditation, vagal breathing, sound therapy including crystal and tibetan bowls and the beautiful sounds of the Rav drum. These are four hour silent retreats of which help you to turn off the mind, relax, renew and reset. Check out our schedule to see when the next retreat is being held and book your spot today! $40.00 – you will need a yoga mat, a meditation cushion or pillows (to sit on – there will be a lot of sitting time so you’ll need to be comfortable), 1 or 2 blankets and a shawl for warmth to put over your shoulders and on your knees while meditating, an eye mask (this one is important to bring if you can), a journal & a pen and snacks.

Erin May began her formal meditation practice over 30 years ago and has had man teachers and travelled world wide to learn and practice. She started with Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, then Vipassina meditation and retreats. She has completed over 1000+ hrs in Yoga training including Hatha and Kundalini and is currently completing a Psych degree at Lakehead University. Erin has developed a special Vagal Yoga Breathing technique that helps people relax and balance, which she shares in all of her classes.


Our next retreat will be: Sunday, November 20th & December 11th

Quotes from past retreats:

“I felt like I have come home after being gone for an extremely long time”

“Wow, I have never felt more relaxed, calm and at peace – ever in my life! The vagal breathing was extraordinary! I felt like I left my body for a bit. Very interesting. Hard to describe, but it was beautiful. It was a very perfect balance. The sounds were amazing and helped me focus and go deeper into meditation. The music resonated with me, my entire body! You have an angelic voice – very calming. I can’t wait until the next one!”

“I loved the vagal breathing. I will pass it on to others. It was very helpful to overcome stress and gave me feelings of strength and confidence! The Drumming and singing bowls were wonderful. It was a powerful experience. I need more of this in my life”

“It was refreshing to take this time to give myself this gift. I really enjoyed a more serious approach to my meditation practice and my desire to meditate.”

“When I arrived today, I felt a strong desire to escape my life. After the first sit, the peace started to settle in. By the end of 4 hours I felt much more present in my body and at peace with being here. The Rav drum was very impactful with the process – so beautiful!”