Meet Annette Pateman

Annette has been a member of the Bodymind Centre since 2018. Born in the UK to Jamaican parents, Annette is the Author of ‘Spectrum’ a book of poetry that takes a look at race and identity, building off of her own experiences of being a Black woman now living in Ontario where she has been for 8 years. Some of Annette’s inspirations include works by Octavia Butler – the Black sci fi speculative fiction writer. Nalo Hopkinson, a speculative fiction writer, Audre Lorde who writes from a Black feminist perspective and of course  the writing of Nobel laureate for literature Toni Morrison. ‘Spectrum’  seeks to raise awareness of what it is like to be a Black person. The poetry focuses on race and identity. This is not Annette’s first piece of published writing as she also had a short story published in 1996. It was about Black hair. She is currently researching fairytales and African Caribbean folklore and hopes to produce some stories and poetry around that in the near future

Stop by the Bodymind Centre and pick up your copy of ‘Spectrum’ today. You just may run into Annette herself! Annette enjoys attending Gentle Yoga, Kundalini, Sound Therapy, Yin and Aromatherapy Yinstorative. She is a valued member of the BMC family and we are so excited and proud to be a retailer of her work.


Check out the following link for more information on Annette!