Join Nutritionist Liv Dennhardt Tuesday evenings at The Bodymind Centre. Liv recently graduated from the holistic nutrition program at CSNN in Toronto and is excited to share what she has learned with her community. In this course, you will learn about the important connection between the body, mind, and spirit, and how to keep them in optimal health through diet and lifestyle. You will learn about all of the different body systems, how they are all interconnected and work together to keep us healthy, and how to ensure they are working properly. Come discover why disease is on the rise and what we can do to take preventative measures against them. We are at a point where health is more important than ever. Let’s come together and learn how to use food as our medicine.

What to bring:  For this class there are no materials required, however a journal and pen would be great to have!

What you will cover throughout this session:

Week 1

What is holistic nutrition?

The importance of pure drinking water and how to affordably obtain it in your home.

A breakdown of the macronutrients – importance of protein, fats and carbs and their functions in the body. Omega 3’s explained. Complex carbs vs simple carbs. Benefits of whole grains. The lesser known functions of protein. And why fats should not be avoided.

Micronutrients (brief explanation of vitamins/minerals and their uses in the body) and how to ensure you are getting all of them.

Why everyone should follow the “NAG” diet.

Week 2

The 11 body systems. How they work together & how to support them for optimal health.

1. The digestive system

2. The intestinal system

3. The endocrine system

4. The immune (lymphatic) system

5. The nervous system

6. The cardiovascular system

7. The respiratory system

8. The reproductive system

9. The urinary system

10. The skeletal system

11. The muscular system

Week 3

Interconnectedness of body mind and spirit. Our energy body.

Energetics of food.

Food and mental health.

Mental health on physical health.

Ways to decrease stress.

Importance of sleep and sleep hygiene

Importance of movement

Week 4

Detox – how to and why.

What are EDC’s and how to avoid them.

Importance of hormones and how to balance them.

Importance of antioxidants in the body and how to ensure you are getting enough.

The lymphatic system and ways to drain it.

Week 5

Importance of gut health and how to support it.

Why is the gut known as the “second brain”?

What is candida and how to control it

What is leaky gut and how to reverse it


Importance of fermented foods in the diet

Week 6

What are the Blue zones and what we can learn from them.

Common supplements and why.

– Digestive enzymes

– Probiotics

– B vitamins

– Vitamin C & D

– Omega 3’s

Importance of organics – what is the dirty dozen?

Problems with pesticides

Problems with mono cropping

Pesticides and EDC’s – how to avoid them.

Week 7

Common questions ie. gluten, dairy, meat, veganism.

Common hidden food sensitivities: Zonulin, Casein, Lectins etc.

Other common hidden allergens.

Finding food sensitivities and what they could be responsible for.

Purpose of an elimination/allergy diet and when to do them.

Symptoms of high histamine (inflammation) and what can cause this/ how to reduce inflammation.

Symptoms of a lowered immune system and how to support the immune system.