The Bodymind Centre is excited to begin its partnership with Strong Girls United! Strong Girls United is a foundation whose mission is to empower and inspire girls to become their best, happiest, strongest version of themselves through sports, mindfulness, and leadership programming. The Programs are designed to:

  • Teach lifelong habits and fun with physical activity.
  • Develop and increase self-confidence.
  • Increase motivation to participate in sports and/or fitness activities.
  • Increase curiosity to try new sports.
  • Create the space for all girls to feel they are part of a team. OUR TEAM!
  • Have an inclusive and supportive environment designed for girls to try new things, fail, make mistakes, work hard, get out of their comfort zones, and be good teammates.
  • Teach girls intentional lessons around mindfulness, nerves, failure, growth mindset, compassion, gratitude, and other sport and positive psychology topics.
  • Provide an opportunity for young women to give back to their communities and practice their own leadership.
  • Provide mentoring relationships between younger girls and older female role model coaches.
  • Foster relationships between young girls and university student-athletes, driving up attendance at women’s sporting events.
  • Expose young women to the experience of coaching, keeping more of them in the game for longer and in the field.

“Through physical activity, sports, mindfulness, and positive education curriculum, Strong Girls teaches girls how to build their strong bodies and tap into their kind hearts, and their unstoppable minds. “

Check out their website at: